Our Team

At Expressions After School, we have a family of qualified and caring staff. Each with their own strengths, our team works everyday to ensure your child feels comfortable and enjoys every minute they are in our care. Every member of the staff is First Aid and CPR certified and EEC licensed.


Amy Saltalamacchia


C.E.O., Owner

Amy holds two undergraduate degrees from the University of Akron, and Masters in Education from Curry College and has been an important part of the Needham Community since 1996 when she moved from Ohio to MA. She is active within her church (Carter U.M.C.), the Needham Community Council, and many other arts and humanities organizations within the Boston area. In addition, before she opened Expressions, she worked in the non-profit sector as a consultant on Arts and Humanities and piloted a successful new initiative, Creative Arts Camp and the "Art meeting Education" program. Her career in child care spans over 22 years. Amy is responsible for the overall operations and expansion of Expressions.. She continues to work with her senior team having the final say on all all lesson plans, program activities and higher of Expressions staff. She is a unique hands-on business owner who is involved in the day-to-day activities with Expressions children. Amy enjoys barre classes, hiking with her dogs, being an active mom to her girls and their activities along with loving wife to her husband Vin. Amy believes Expressions is an extended family and prides herself on having a reputation of having both clients and her staff stay for many years.

Dana Taylor


Business Manager

Dana Taylor has been dedicated to the Expressions team and the Needham community. She, and her husband Chris, both grew up in Needham and are the proud parents of three. Dana comes to us with over 20 years of experience working with small businesses in Needham, Franklin and Millis. As our Business Manager, Dana is the go to person for any billing questions you may have!

Stephanie Zello


Program Director, Theater and Sewing

Stephanie Zello is a graduate of Johnson State College with a degree in Theatre and Drama. She was awarded the technical theatre award from her college and a merit award in directing from the American College Theatre Festival. Steph loves all aspects of theatre and, just to name a few, has previously acted in Early Frost(Hannah), directed A Streetcar Named Desire, stage managed Into The Woods, and was a stitcher/dresser for The Little Foxes. When she is not doing theatre, Steph enjoys comic books, movies, cooking/baking and sewing. Steph is always excited to start a new year of theatre! 

Megan Bush


Program Director, Visual Arts, Transportation Director

Megan Bush is responsible for the Visual Arts club here at Expressions. With a passion for the arts and all things creative, she encourages students to explore their minds and expand their ideas of what art is. She loves to help them bring out their own unique art styles, while teaching the basics of past masters. Megan grew up in Mendon, Massachusetts, with her family and many doggies. Some of her interests include traveling, visiting museums and reading.

Michaela McMillan


Director of Multimedia

Michaela is a junior at Massachusetts College of Art and Design studying media production and sports journalism. She is responsible for the filmmaking and dance clubs at Expressions. Michaela graduated from Dedham High School where she played softball, ice hockey and field hockey. In her free time she enjoys photography, movies, and hiking.

Jill Rosati


Visual Arts Director

Jill Rosati is an installation artist who specializes in reclaimed and recycled material. Ms.Rosati graduated from Boston University College of Fine Arts with a concentration in environmental science. She has taught STEM and environmental based art classes as well as art history courses, and of course, art for art's sake! 

In visual arts club, Students will find themselves exploring the timeline of how art became what it is today. Through painting, sculpture, and mixed media projects, they will answer the question, "What does it mean to be an artist?" 

View portfolio at www.jillrosati.com