October 2017

Hearing the plea 'can we stay just a little longer?!?' out of my two kids’ mouths each night when I pick them up is the best testimonial of all! Alexandra and Nate have been in the program for a year and have made close friends from every school in town.They love everything about Expressions including the staff, clubs, field trips, and ability to take part in local extra-curricular activities during the week. We love that they are happy, well-cared for and able to actively learn new skills and have fun with friends in an incredibly safe and nurturing environment every day after school. We are thrilled with the program.

Sarah, mother of 2



october 2017

What I love about Expressions is that it is a second community for my boys. It's a safe, happy, creative environment where they've made great friends and been able to do all kinds of things or just flop down and read a book. The program Directors are engaged and have become an extension of our family. Thank you Expressions team! 

Amy, mother of 2



August 2015

My son, who is in seventh grade, really enjoys his time at Expressions.  Every night when I pick him up, he leaves with a smile on his face.  Oftentimes he’ll share a story about something fun they did that day.  He has a great time in the “Teen Room” where he gets to hang out with his peers each day.  The Teen Room is a terrific space that gives the kids a feeling of maturity and independence while still being supervised by the staff.  Expressions offers an excellent choice of activities for the children.  My son has loved playing laser tag and floor hockey in the past.  It’s a great place for him.

Kathy, mother of 1



january 2016

Our kids have been fortunate enough to attend Expressions Afterschool since 2012. They just love it there and we love the activities offered by Expressions. Both kids have been involved in many of the different clubs that Expressions offers, from Legos, sports, homework to skiing and other activities. They actually have a hard time choosing which activity to pick because there are so many! Both of our children attended the Kindergarten program there, and just love it. What makes Expressions great is the amazing staff! They’ve become part of the family. I can’t say enough great things of the staff, extra activities, etc. I absolutely recommend Expressions to all of our friends and neighbors

Chris, father of 2



october 2017

Our family has depended on Expressions Afterschool for the last five years.  Both of our children love attending and have made so many great friends through the program.  It’s a critical resource for our family, and we’d be lost without it.  Great programs, fabulous staff, and a schedule that works.

Beth, mother of 1



august 2015

I can describe Expressions in three words; safe, fun and structured.  Amy has designed a program and hired staff that meet the needs of our family and others that attend.  If the kids need help with homework, there are facilitated study groups; if we need to get our kids to practice or a tutoring session,  it happens; If I forget to call and say one of the kids will not be attending for the day, I get a phone call verifying the whereabouts of my child.  Amy and her staff treat the kids as the own and I never have a single worry when they are with Expressions Staff.  If you are looking for a program that offers flexibility, education and fun activities in a supportive environment,  Expressions After School is the place for you…our kids have been happily attending for two years.

John, father of 2